Welcome to the home of RC Russell Photography, your real estate virtual tour provider.  Also, your home to your own log-in portal to approve, make changes and share your listings' virtual tours to the world wide web.  We will get into that more on the services page.

Virtual Reality or “VR” is without a doubt, the next evolution in virtual tour technology. You will love being able to allow potential buyers to tour homes without stepping foot out of their home or office. This new technology will save valuable time and resources by quickly allowing potential home buyers to virtually visit a home to determine if further consideration is warranted. Your investment will be minimal and your potential buyers will love this upgrade.

Our 3D VR tours can be viewed on desktop monitors but are truly immersive and appear to be in 3D when viewed using VR goggles that utilize a stereoscopic image displayed on a mobile phone screen. VR headsets are inexpensive and readily available as well.

RC Russell Photography offers two distinct styles of 3D VR tours for you to choose from. Choose our cost effective “Highlights” style tour that displays a lovely gallery from within the VR headset. Our Highlights style tour showcases only specific areas that you would like to show off. If you’re looking for more of a “look and walk” experience select the “Walkthrough” style tour that allows viewers to feel as if they are walking through the property in person by going from room to room just by looking”. Our "Walkthrough" style tours do require more time to be produced.

Check out our services page for more exciting options for your real estate photography needs.  Your tours can be custom, to fit your needs and the needs of your clients.